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We get a plethora of emails daily from slaves around the globe. You can read a selection of them here (None are edited except for email addresses/names, thus any wrong spelling/grammar is not ours).

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I have worked with numerous femdom producers before and because you are more lifestyle than anyone i have worked with before it was a pleasure.The beating I took was severe but I have done have done alot harder for other sites so hopefully you will get longer out of me next time if you decide to have me back and then you could have that level of beating regularly appearing on your updates which im sure would be popular. The verbal abuse I got from the girls did put me out of my comfort zone a little but I knew what to expect after watching many of the video's.Despite this i will defenately want to come back for future shoots if invited. What I loved the most was the girls genuiningly seemed into it even when they werent on camera. I have never seen that before with another producer.

Filming Slave


Dear Princess Megan,

You know just what to do, what it's all about, you are a natural - the preview photo's of Mistress Ashleigh are utterly superb, thank you - on knees, head held with one hand, whimsical look, making slave look at her, superb; & Mistress Toni is irrestibaly cruel & ruthless & devastatingly beautiful Respectful thanks, Slave xxxxxx


Hello guys,

first of all, this website is really amzing; thanks a lot for the awesome job!

I'm really a big fan of girls wearing just black leggings and ugg boots, they're so hot. I really hope to see more girls wearing this outfit in your next videos. the webiste would be even more awesome :)

Thanks a lot


ps: sorry about my english


Just downladed Miss Toni's boots video. What a fine Goddess she is and those boots are amazing. 

Can we see more of these boots in worship/trampling/kicking scenario? 

Many Thanks 

Brill website!


hi im xxxx aged 60 i was caned by headmistress at school in the late 1960s i liked it so much i kept being naughty so as to get caned often. i like watching your pictures of your girls severly punishing bare bottoms they are enjoying themselves wish it was my bottom being severly punished by them. keep up the good work fantastic use of canes well done to you all you have made me very happy x


Good Day,

please i would like to see more of miss samantha feet licked & sucked please, also miss sarah we didn't see her for a long time hope to see her feet get licked too.

thanks & regards for the best domme site ever



i became a member of youngdommes just over a week ago & just wanted to drop a message saying how much i enjoy the site. the updates are regular & original, the movies & galleries are first rate & all the girls are fantastic. 

best site on the net. keep up the good work.



Congratulations on a wonderful site! At long last, someone gets Female Domination right. There’s nothing better than gorgeous young dommes punishing, degrading and humiliating fat old male pigs. ☺ 

Thanks again for your magnificent work and please let me know if I can be of service to you.

Sincerest regards,

xxxxxx xxxxx


Dear HARSH Media Team,

Please allow this message of humble adoration & thanks to be conveyed to Princess Megan & to Mistress Sarah

May I respectfully say that the 'toilet floor' clip is utterly fantastic, a work of art, Mistress Sarah is so beautiful, seductively cruel & domineering, & beautifully adroned in her fabulous tight jeans showing her truly gorgeous beauty

You Princess Megan, Mistress Sarah & Mistress Laura are truly natural dominants, have such a way, & are truly beautfiful, deserving of utter obedience, worship & servitude

I beg & crave to serve, to obey, to be on reins, at your beck-&-call, your foot-stool, sucking your stiletto heels as you tower astride & over me, as Mistress Sarah perfeclty protrays 

Thank you for your time & consideration

slave xxxxxx


I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this site. I've been a member of various sites in the past but yours is really something special. I adore the way the Mistresses are clearly loving every minute of the slave's plight. And as I think I said before the everyday clothes make such a difference too. Nothing worse than ladies bursting out of tight fitting fetish gear that you see all too often on other sites. I will try and remain a member for as long as I can afford to. Keep up the excellent work. The male underclass is very lucky that such ladies exist to keep us in our proper place.

slave xxxxxx


Hello, I just joined your site 2 days ago and I LOVE IT! All princesses are gorgeous and they sure love humiliating and torturing pig slaves! I am a HUGE fan on girls wearing liquid shiny leggings and tight jeans. TIGHT WHITE JEANS are my favorite. I really loved the movie clip with MISS AMI wearing tight black shiny leggings and using the shock collar on the slave. The girls look so evil and sexy when using electric devices on slaves! 

I would really like to see MISS AMY, MISS VICKY or anyother Goddessess wearing tight silver or gold shiny leggings while torturing the slaves! While the foot and shoe worship is AWESOME on here, I am surprised there is no face sitting smothering and more ass kissing. Is there Any chance we can see face sitting in future?


She is The Goddess! Have been on my knees just looking at every picture for 12 hours now. Never have i wanted to serve and be beaten by someone, but She could own and control me if i might be so lucky. She is perfect, can't stop looking at the power in Her eyes and how She knows it. Can only sleep knowing that somehow The Goddess will give me orders. The look on her perfect face as She is proud of hurting that man is great! ((Talking about Miss Samantha))


I just want to say i love you're awesome! I love to see you in those sexy leggings I'd die just for have one of you sitting on my face with those sexy are goddesses and you girls have a huge fan here in the Dominican Republic


Hi, just joined your site and I wanted to thank you for its content. It's brilliant, I'm so glad I joined. The best out there.

I wonder if you wouldn't mind asking one of the girls if she might consider letting me be her money slave. I've got a fetish for shoes and boots and would really enjoy being made to buy pairs for her whenever she told me to.

I'm not sure of her name but shw always appears with another girl. They appear together as Becky and Katie. It's the dark haired one.

Anyway, I'm aware it's a strange request but it's a genuine one so I hope you will consider passing it on to her

Kind regards




I just wanted to say that some of your scenes (in particular, the ones where you feature three or more gorgeous young girls humiliating and laughing at old and fat naked men), to be amongst the hottest and finest CFNM I have come across in over ten years of trawling the internet and adult shops.

Most sites offer young, well endowed athletic studs, yours really is a Unique website. Keep up the good work, and I loved the ejaculation scene.....10 out of 10.



Dear Megan and friends,

I have just found your websites and which I found through Cassie Hunter's links and was unable to resist joining both today. I have been looking for something like this for what seems like as long as I can remember and your movie clips appeal to me strongly.

I particularly love the girls' voices and demeanour and the scene you have created as I have come to love humiliation at the hands of young women.

My query is that I'm an accountant aged 50 and based in Edinburgh and wonder if I would have to travel to appear in one of your clips as you seem to be in Bristol? I have taken a caning from a young domme in Glasgow (where there are three studios) and would appreciate an opportunity to repeat the experience.

Yours sincerely

XXXXX, Edinburgh


Princess Megan,

Now addicted to the bottoms of the young ladies feet and shoes, thank you for letting us piggies see where we belong, amongst the filth and dirt. Please continue to have all the girls display their dirty shoes and feet for us to worship, as furniture, POV's, and groveling on the floor and ground.

footwipe xxxxx


All the Young Dommes are simply wonderful. as a piggie, i look forward to seeing the pretty girls relaxing comfortably whilst reading, texting or talking on the phone, watching TV, eating and drinking, as well as sitting with other Dommes, while they are fully clothed in tasteful attire displaying such a superior attitude of their dominate status as youthful, sexy, pretty, classy, intelligent, clever, powerful women having their the bottoms of the shoes licked spottlessly clean by the filty piggies. i especially enjoy the fantastic close-up photography clearing showing the street dirt, grease, grime, hair, gravel, mud, and other foul scum on the shoes which need to be tongue-washed by a piggie like me. Would enjoy seeing more close-up foot and shoe worship in your usual brillant every-day normal life style.

Request: Young dommes coming back from a morning of horse-back riding with dirty riding boots from the stables with dust and hay and mud and other filth for piggies to worship, smell, lick, and clean while the girls relax from their enjoyable ride in the country. 

Still the best female domination site on the internet!

Humbly one of your many devoted fans. Thank-You for listening!



 I have been a member for just over a year now, and wanted to take this opportunity to thank You for all the good work You have done. To me, the site is improving and evolving all the time. 

The way You are able regularly to introduce new Girls, whilst enabling the established Girls to develop, and also introduce superbly experienced Female Dominants such as Miss Hunter, is very impressive. 

It is wonderful to see how naturally some new recruits take to the domination and humiliation of piggies. Miss Chloe and Miss Laura for example from recent intakes. Although everyday life for most of us is very different to the world You have created, Your work on YoungDommes serves as a contant reminder to a piggy such as me that it is maybe not so far away. Given the right environment some young Women can quickly get to enjoy having an obedient piggy at their feet, ready to serve them in any way they choose. 

The diversity of the site appeals very much to me, that and the way the Girls get to do what they want rather than act out a script. I suppose that my favourite scenarios involve foot worship/domination and human furniture (the recent Miss Laura & Miss Laura with Miss Bex sets were wonderful), but it's good to see the Girls enjoying other scenarios. 

I was pleased to see Miss AJ's return in the latest gallery set with Miss Maria. I recall that She is a keen equestrienne, and I often fantasised about being the lucky piggy responsible for keeping Her riding kit (from boots to blouse) spick & span and well ironed for events. I am sure that Miss AJ would be a very demanding and strict owner!

Not wishing to take up more of Your valuable time, Princess, I shall close now. Thank You once more.

Yours Respectfully,

a stray pig